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Scopri Giacomo B Milano: un’esclusiva collezione di prodotti cosmetici 100% Made in Italy, arricchiti con l’antico e benefico estratto di radice di nardo. Vivi un’esperienza unica di bellezza e benessere, dove tradizione e innovazione si fondono per prendersi cura di te.

Prodotti cosmetici di alta qualità 100% Made in Italy con estratto di radice di nardo per il benessere di corpo e mente.

The horse, Giacomo B’s signature

The horse suggests an idea of fluid splendour, something that is spontaneous, intuitive, unconventional and without labels.
This is a kind of beauty that is far from the triviality of narcissism, for it originates from life’s energy itself.

Meet Giacomo

“Il mio brand nasce da due radici, diverse e complementari. In primo luogo il percorso della mia professione, legata al mondo dell’hairstyling, a luoghi come Milano, Parigi, New York. E poi un mio tragitto esperienziale, fatto di viaggi in giro per il mondo, soprattutto nel Sud dell’Asia e in Medio Oriente.”

Get ready to discover

The beneficial properties of spikenard

Relaxes the mind

and brings peace to your body

Cures your skin

from bacteria and fungi

Heals inflammations

giving you relief


the immune system

Incentivizes hair growth

and slows aging processes

Spikenard Root Extract:

The Ointment of Meditation

Humankind has always used the properties and benefits of plants to heal itself and keep in shape, but a plant with crucial beneficial properties is often forgotten: Spikenard.

Dicono di noi

Thirty years of work as a hairstylist, a deep knowledge of the beauty sector, and a longstanding presence at Fashion Weeks, both national and international, are the ingredients of Giacomo Bergamini’s expertise.

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These products are dedicated to the well-being and beauty of women and men. From hair- to bodycare, and with a touch of relaxation and elegance for your home. In addition to personal well-being, it is important that everything around us smells like positivity.

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The whole brand concept is developed on a line of cosmetic products, 100% made in Italy, which is unique in its kind and particularly prized for its ingredients.

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As Bergamini himself says: “After three years of research, in collaboration with master perfumers, my team has managed to create a delicate, exclusive, very elegant fragrance. We also used other ingredients such as rosemary, bergamot, cardamom and mugwort, that add to the efficacy of the ingredient with a scent that brings with it good mood, positivity and a sense of balance and well-being”.

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“My brand comes from two different and complementary roots. First of all, my profession: as a hairstylist, my roots are in places such as Milan, Paris and New York. And second, my personal journeys and experiences around the world, especially in South Asia and the Middle East”, says Giacomo Bergamini, the founder and creative spirit of Giacomo b.

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“In China, in India and in Nepal I was attracted by atmospheres that are full of traditions, secrets and shared wisdom. On the faces of those men and women I found calm and serenity. A peaceful, unstudied, unconventional form of ancient beauty that is deeply, inherently human”.