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This candle is designed to relax the mind and free the senses from stress. Refined and elegant, it is ready to warmly welcome you, and to make you feel at home in the most relaxing way. The candle has been carefully designed to blend in your most loved meditative environments. The delicate but intense scent of spikenard will take care of you, relaxing your mind, eliminating unnecessary thoughts and calming nerves. Relax and meditate: the notes of this olfactory melody will do the rest. Each candle is carefully handmade in Italy; the wax is 100% RAL certified paraffin with a pure cotton wick.

Among its unique properties:
✔️Promotes physical and mental relaxation
✔️Each candle lasts 45-60 hours
✔️♻️Enclosed in glass
✔️All of Giacomo B products are designed and made in Italy