About Us

Who better than Giacomo Bergamini, our founder, could tell our story?

“My brand comes from two different and complementary roots. First of all, my profession: as a hairstylist, my roots are in places such as Milan, Paris and New York. And second, my personal journeys and experiences around the world, especially in South Asia and the Middle East”.
Giacomo B is a journey that will take you from Milan to Israel – and back again. It offers you a line of cosmetic products, 100% made in Italy, that is unique in its kind and particularly prized for its ingredients, designed to transfer the beneficial properties of its key ingredient, Spikenard Root Extract, to your moments of relaxation. Follow me on this twofold journey...”

In China, India and Nepal, the air brims with a sense of tradition, of antiquity. On the faces of women and men there is calm, serenity, a peaceful, unstudied and unconventional form of ancient beauty that is profoundly human. May we call this ‘grace’? From these places I got the idea of a cosmetic and lifestyle line thanks to which taking care of yourself is not only a daily gesture of care, but a more complex practice of enrichment towards one’s being as a whole. On my mind was the sincere, human beauty I saw in Kathmandu. And this is where the magic of Spikenard Root Extract – a most precious ointment, the sacred oil of the Kings – comes in.

It is at this point that thirty years of work as a hairstylist, a deep knowledge of the beauty sector, and a number of collaborations with national and international Fashion Weeks that is frankly impossible to remember, have made a crucial contribution. For all this allowed me to understand and deepen the intuition of my exploratory journeys. Thus, after three years of research with my master perfumers, Giacomo B was born: a perfect union of dedicated products, which comes from two cultures that as distant as they may be near, from precious Himalayan ingredients, and from the love with which we studied and harmonized them in Italy.

Skin, hair, home. We designed a line of products that takes care of all three, for both women and men. Black and white; masculine and feminine; essential and structured; remote and contemporary – these are the concepts that I instilled in Giacomo B. For the beauty of human beings should not be harnessed with gendered definitions, geometric formulas or with the periodization of fashion. Beauty simply appears. It flows, transforms itself. Beauty is. One simply meets it. Without explanation. That’s pretty much it.

It was in New York, on an early trip that took place a long time ago, that I had the first vision of what would become Giacomo B’s symbol, the horse. I saw a figuration of it at a contemporary art exhibition. New York is indeed the place where my project of travelling in search of true human beauty was born. And with it my life’s passion, and the purpose of my work, was also born: to pursue and to enhance the beauty of all people.

The horse, Giacomo B’s signature
The horse suggests an idea of fluid splendour, something that is spontaneous, intuitive, unconventional and without labels. This is a kind of beauty that is far from the triviality of narcissism, for it originates from life’s energy itself.
I would love Giacomo B to enrich people’s way of life with the essential principles and beneficial fragrances the traditional wisdom of Asian cultures has handed down to us. For at the heart of everything is Spikenard Root Extract, with its precious atmosphere, full of peace and tranquillity. The heart of my project is the grace of those women and men in Kathmandu. I would love our opportunities for daily well-being – through the care of our body, hair and senses – to become moments of serenity and grace of being.