Spikenard Root Extract

Humankind has always used the properties and benefits of plants for healing and for keeping in shape. Think of anti-inflammatory Arnica; or Eucalyptus, used to combat colds and flu; or Taraxacum, very commonly found in Italy, which is used for detoxification. The list could be much longer. And yet, one of the most beneficial plants is often forgotten: spikenard.

This plant mainly grows on the peaks of the Himalayas, between China, India and Nepal. Thanks to it, we have Spikenard Root Extract, an essential element with magical properties.

The history of spikenard

This oil has been known since ancient times, appearing in Indian medicine as a relaxing ingredient.
Egyptians were great lovers of Spikenard Root Extract. They considered it an extremely luxurious ointment, which only the noblest people could enjoy.
It also appears in the Song of Songs, and in the Gospel it is used by Mary of Bethany to anoint the body of Jesus.
It is estimated that the value of spikenard oil in ancient times was extremely high. It seems that a 330 ml bottle was worth as much as a slave, or as the salary of a legionnaire.
This plant has therefore always been talked about. Thanks to its numerous and beneficial properties, it has always been considered a plant of the utmost value.
The mere majestic scent of Spikenard Root Extract is able to reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia. In short, it is perfect for regaining inner calm and giving your spirit the peace and tranquillity it needs, for example during a meditation session.

Get ready to discover

The beneficial properties of spikenard

Relaxes the mind

and brings peace to your body

Cures your skin

from bacteria and fungi

Heals inflammations

giving you relief


the immune system

Incentivizes hair growth

and slows aging processes

Il solo maestoso profumo dell’Estratto di Radice di Nardo è in grado di ridurre l’ansia, lo stress, e l’insonnia. Insomma è perfetto per ritrovare la calma interiore e dare al nostro spirito la pace e a tranquillità di cui ha bisogno, per esempio durante una sessione di meditazione.